2020 was the start of my creative journey

2020 was the start of my creative journey

I took a big step and started a creative journey in May of 2020. Then I took an even bigger step and signed up for my first in person show later that year in November.

2020 sucked for everyone, but it did force people to hang out with family more, organize the cabinets, and for me, get creative. It was nice to have time to figure out how to make my ideas come to life. 

I started out researching the internet for ideas. My first creative foray was making jewelry, then masks for the pandemic. I slowly added in dried flower arrangements. I love color and making arrangements filled with bright happy flowers was something I really needed to see at the time. I also used my love of thrifting to acquire vases and starting selling vase arrangements on Etsy and on my newly created website. 

The success I had on those platforms gave me the confidence to pop up a booth later in the year. The first pop up was a mish-mash of tables, blankets, crates, and product all neatly arranged so people could shop. It was a very freshman presentation, but I had a lot of fun and I learned so much.

I'm still doing pop-ups, makers markets, and now art shows. It's been a great experience and I've met so many people that truly appreciate my art. I'm glad I took a chance and put myself out there.

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