Making art is more fun with friends..

Making art is more fun with friends..

I posted about this collaboration on my IG on 4/24/23...

As an artist, female small business owner, & marketplace vendor, I meet a lot of people along the way. If I'm lucky, I get to call some of them my friend....

I met Beth Bowman of @bowman_ceramics about a year ago when I foolishly waited too long to buy her vases & frantically messaged her to make more. Good lesson to learn along the way - buy it when you see it!

Since our meeting I've changed my opinion of clay. I had a bad experience taking a ceramics class through our community offering. I blame the teacher for not teaching the beginners how to throw pottery and not taking the time to explain what we were doing. I really disliked the wheel and was reluctant to try again. 

Thanks to Beth and her excellent teaching skills, she made me realize working with clay can be fun and isn't as impossible as previously thought. Don't get me wrong, I know which lane I need to be in (the one with the fabric and sewing machine), but I am no longer afraid to try the wheel nor am I skeptical about hand building with clay. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing our finished product. A fun collaboration of her thrown pottery, tumblers, and my clay embellishments based on some of the art I've made and the aesthetic I like to incorporate into my fiber art. I'm beyond honored that another artist would see something in me they would like to incorporate into their own art. It's a special thing when two artists, friends, & fellow female business owners work together to create something special. 

Thank you Beth!!! I can't wait to share our creations with the artist community. 

Be sure to visit and check out her offering of mugs, plates, vases, and other beautiful, practical items for your house. 

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