It all starts with a rough sketch..

It all starts with a rough sketch..

I've never been really strong at detailed drawing, but I've become much better at getting my idea down on paper.

Since I've started creating the type of pieced together artwork I make, my drawing technique has taken me back to the technical lessons I learned when I made patterns during my FIDM coursework. I look at each concept as needing a pattern, similar to stained glass window production. 

rough sketch

This type of pattern making has really helped my drawing and perspective on how to assemble the final product. There's plenty of free hand work when it comes to desert and ocean scenes, but the more intricate pieces, like the stamps and marquee signs, all require more precise pieces so they fit together and look like their inspiration when assembled. 

Once I'm satisfied with the paper version of my picture, I start tracing over each piece to make my patterns. From there the process of cutting out each piece begins.

From there every piece gets stitched down and something beautiful emerges:

Whatever your process is, keep creating and be proud of what you make. Not everyone has an active imagination, so be thankful for yours.

Be well & be creative.


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