Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards

What do get when you combine leftover fabric scraps + fancy paper x plenty of stitching???

During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, I used my sewing skills to make masks. I made A LOT of masks and had a nice pile of scrap fabric. I grabbed some unused watercolor paper and started painting, cutting, and sewing. My handmade cards have evolved into a collage of colors, textures, and repurposed fabrics. I've used fabric from recycled boardshort material, vintage fabric, cotton, polyester, silk, etc. Each fabric shape is hand cut and applied to every card, one card at a time. 

When I'm done applying the fabric, each card gets a healthy dose of embroidery to create a quilted effect. 

Each card is unique and makes a great edition to a flower arrangement, gift, box of chocolates... It can be fun to practice the ancient art of handwritten notes. I know I would be stoked if a friend or family member took the time to personalize a card and send it in the post. Much better than a text message or email.

Oh and here's a tip... if you have questionable handwriting, like I do, you can always type up what you want to say, print it out, and glue to the back of my cards. It works a treat and you don't have to worry about your penmanship.



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