About the Artist..

What's in a name...

Mae (MAY) is my Grandmother's middle name. D is the initial of my mom's first name, and N is for my first name - Nicole.... 

Nice to meet you...

Māedn Threads was created in 2020 at a time when I didn't think I would have a regular job to go back to, post pandemic. I took the lock down time to figure out what made me happy and how to better my mental health.

Those uncertain times led to using my sewing skills to make masks, which helped lay the groundwork for the rest of my artistic journey. I moved on to create dried flower arrangements using thrifted vases, and then to up-cycling scraps of various fabrics into works of art. 

From concept to the final outcome, my hands touch each piece of art making them completely unique and tailored to fit the natural beauty of the materials being used. 

I believe in affordable and accessible original artwork that doesn't take itself too seriously. The best part of being an artist is when someone else can connect, appreciate, and understand the things you make. 

Be Well & Be Creative 

- Nicole Hansen